Overall objectives:
  • Contributing to the quality of education and training in Vietnam; enhancing public transparency and accountability of tertiary and professional secondary institutions;
  • Positively participating in the education accreditation system of educational institution and of training program at universities, colleges and professional secondary institutions;
  • Serving as a trust-worthy provider of accreditation information on educational institutions and training programs to students, parents, employers and the society.

Specific goals:
  • Enhancing the organizational structure, infrastructure, strategies and development plans, aiming to be a professional accreditation agency with leading prestige in Vietnam and in the ASEAN;
  • Providing support in raising the quality at levels of educational institution and of training program in higher education institutions and vocational schools;
  • Implementing activities for enhancing the operational capacity of quality assurance staff nationwide;
  • Conducting quality assurance and educational accreditation research;
  • Building bilateral and multilateral relationships with national, regional and international institutions and accreditation agencies.