Workshop “PhD students, lecturer, staff managers’ feedback about doctoral program at The University of Danang” (Jun 18 2016)

On 17 and 18th June, 2016, The University of Danang (UD) organized a workshop acquiring feedback on training program at doctoral level. Attended and chaired the workshop is Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam, the president of UD. 

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam, the president of UD. 
The primary purposes of the workshop are discussing about the issues related to doctoral program, requirements of assuring and improving training quality at UD, collecting feedbacks of PhD students, lecturers and staff managers from 04 associated universities (Danang University of Technology, Danang University of Education, Danang University of Economics and Danang University of Foreign Language). Specific target of the survey is acquiring information about PhD selection, doctoral program specification, training activities, thesis, thesis defense and suggestions for improvement of doctoral program at UD.
 Feedbacks are valuable sources for UD to improve training quality effectiveness of doctoral program at UD. These also increase lecturers’ responsibility in taking doctoral training objectives; build-up a moral, professional and responsibility academic staff; increase PhD students’ awareness in studying. Throughout feedbacks, lecturers themselves adjust their teaching activities and supervising PhD students doing their research. Finally, feedbacks help UD to find out solutions and procedures for the improvement of doctoral program.